Design Development

In this phase, Tom further develops the design from the first phase. Usually, there will be a series of meetings and refinements until both the client and Tom are comfortable with the design. Drawings are computer-generated, utilizing AutoCAD software.

Bid Drawings — the client-approved final preliminary drawings are then turned into bid drawings by adding some dimensions, bid notes, etc. The bid drawings, while still preliminary, contain enough detail for fairly accurate construction bids—accurate enough to determine whether phase 3 (construction drawings) can be started, or revisions need to be made first.

Bidding — Sometimes the client has a contractor or two they’ve previously worked with who they’d like to bid on the construction of the project. Tom can also recommend contractors he has worked with and trusts to bid on your project. He’s available to answer bid questions from the bidding contractors, lumber suppliers, etc. When bids come in, Tom can help you determine the best bid (it’s not always the lowest!).